Flip Schultz the Best Comedian You've Never Heard Of

by Carlos Rodriguez

Flip Schultz is unlike any Generation X comedian around today. He's actually funny. The 25-year-old comedian from South Florida stunned Weird Al Yankovic fans waiting for their icon to take the stage by giving a clean, swear word free performance that was well...hilarious. The comedian entertained the audience by making fun of several aspects of today's pop culture from boy bands to those real TV shows such as "When Pets Go Bad" and "When Hemorrhoids Flair Up." He also had a hilarious bit about an interview of one "excited" shark attack victim.
After the show I had the opportunity to interview the rising comic.

Route41: So how long have you been a comic?

Schultz: Well, I was always a comic and tried to do something funny at all times, but professionally I've been a comedian for about 2 years

Route41: Who are some of your influences?

Schultz: I grew up with Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Jim Carrey and believe it or not Weird Al. I think these guys are really innovative and I have a piece of each of them in every one of my performances.

Route41: And just where exactly do you want your career to go in the future.

Schultz: I want to do everything! Sitcoms, movies, records the whole works.

Route41: Usually the audience is very fickle have you ever bombed out of a club before.

Schultz: Oh Yeah! I've bombed at a ton of places. Every comic has.

Route41: Now how do you handle hecklers?

Schultz: I try to dig into them as hard as I can. By the time I'm through with them they are usually afraid to say anything else the rest of the night. (laughs)

Route41: What was you're most embarrassing moment onstage?

Schultz: Well, one time I thought it would funny to perform in just a pair of gloves and boxers. Well two of my fellow comedians depants me and at first I was covering myself up with my back to the audience and then I just decided to let it all hang out. It was an embarrassing moment that turned out to be very funny.

Route41: Depends what you mean by funny? Now you're act was relatively clean what do you think of comedians that work "Blue".

Schultz: I have been known to curse. I think its all part of being free onstage and I think that it is tougher to be clean. However, I don't like comedians who use dirt for the sake of using dirt such as the Def Jam comedy hour. I don't think its funny at all just to swear as much as possible.

Route41: Do you have any quotes to say about comedy in general?

Schultz: Comedy is a great business if you want to make people laugh without making a lot of money at first. Also, you can reach your dreams if you try hard enough. (laughs)

So, just what made the audience flip for Flip. Well, unlike his contemporaries who all seem to be depressed about one thing or another Flip's performance was so high energy you had no choice but to be pumped. In addition, everything about Schultz is funny I mean his name is Flip for God's sakes. He doesn't try to be anything more than a funny guy and stays true to his craft, which is something I think many comics these days should learn. So, be on the lookout because Flip Schultz is the comedian of the future.

For more information about Flip check out his website at flipschultz.com.

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