Cut from the cloth of "classic" comedy, Skippy Greene combines old-school style with new-school attitude. Whether telling stories about his sexual escapades with celebrities (like Betty White & Gary Coleman) or stories about his days in Vegas, one thing is sure; someone will be offended. And that's just fine with Skippy.

Skippy Greene has mixed crude (yet smart) jokes with obscure references like 1980s cartoons. His show takes you on a ride - sometimes it's a dark and perverted ride, but a funny ride none the less. When asked "Who is Skippy Greene?", Skippy replied: "I'm a fucking comedian, and a really good one too. Actually, if I can be so bold, I'm funnier than shit...and when I say "funnier than shit", I really mean "funnier than Donald Trump", who is literal shit. GOBOTS!"

Skippy has had the pleasure of performing for royalty, he's jammed with Jimi Hendrix, gotten stoned with Barack Obama & had Celine Dion open up for him, after which he said: "She was a great opener, and when we were done she performed at my show. VOLTRON!"

Skippy was voted "Critics Pick" at the Comedy Competition, was invited to perform at The Hollywood Comedy Festival, The San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival and was selected as a finalist for the 2012 Andy Kaufman Awards in New York City. Skippy's performed with KISS & Alien Ant Farm and he's been seen on many television shows including Latino 101 & Last Comic Standing 7, but he's probably best known for his short-lived sitcom from 1983. It holds the record for the shortest run of any television series having been cancelled less than a minute into the first episode. When possible, Skippy shows the clip at his live shows.

Most recently Skippy taped an episode of The Gong Show for ABC in 2017.

Please know that Skippy is not for everyone; if you are easily offended by profanity or taboo subjects, Skippy's not for you. But for those of you with an open mind & a great sense of humor, get ready for a show to remember.

"Rarely does an act make me laugh that much. Bravo Skippy Green(e)"
Tommy Maitland (Mike Myers); host of "The Gong Show"

"Brilliant...pure entertainment"
Mo Collins from "MadTV"

"We are particularly impressed with Skippy Greene. He's quite the enigma;
rude and lovable at the same time. (He) manages to use foul language and not upset
or annoy the audience in the process because they are too busy laughing."

Al Parinello: Executive Director for "The Andy Kaufman Award"

"It's brilliant, it's irreverant & it's hilarious; I love it"
Kim Coles from "In Living Color"

"Wildly profane and really smart"
Mike Henry; director-National Poetry Slam

"(his act was) so complete & hermetically sealed; he never broke once."
Nick Zaino; Comedy Writer - The Boston Globe

"...raucously filthy...its meta comedy at it's best, you either will think it's the
dumbest thing ever or pee yourself with laughter."

Todd Ulise; from The Laugh

"Skippy Greene is a true modern day jester."
NeoNate247 - YouTube viewer

"This guy is only a good act for a certain kind of person.......

atcxl - YouTube viewer

"I could sit here and name drop a million comics. This is one of the only
guys that makes me laugh out loud when I'm by myself"

headlightsunderwater - YouTube viewer

"...this is pure comedy with perfect delivery by a man who knows the human mind...
he is way ahead of his time."

immortal6699 - YouTube viewer

Here is a downloadable bio not spoken in the first're welcome:
Skippy Bio (this is a .pdf file)