Skippy Greene: 'Lick My Balls' T-Shirt - 2010
Dear You,
So you love me, Skippy Greene, and you want to show it? Well now it's your lucky brand-spanking new (and first) t-shirts are here! It says everything you need to say without saying it.

You can wear them to work under your regular clothes and when your boss starts giving you a hard time, just rip off your top shirt and let them have it! They'll be put in their place faster than...uh, shit...something that's fast. I don't know, I'm not good at this crap.

Bottom line, the shirts are funny, well made and comes with Skippy's stamp of approval...don't ask me how I stamped them, just trust me that I did.

And boys, I want you to buy this shirt & wear it with pride. Remember, you have the balls!

And ladies, I want you to also buy this shirt and wear it with pride. Because we may have the balls, but let's be honest, you ladies own them! SCOOBY-DOO!

So stop debating and get one you pricks!

Love & Kisses,
Skippy Greene

Lick My Balls Shirt

What's that? You can't get enough of me? Well fear not, now you can listen to me on my CD Lick My Balls! This CD includes clips from my live show, plus 4 songs that I wrote including "Man About Town","A Love Song" and my special Christmas me, you'll want to play this with the ones you love. But not the kids...Dear God, keep the kids away.

And remember, if you're easily offended, do not buy this CD. But if your sense of humor is a little (ah hell, a LOT) off kilter, this is for you!!!

Download CD Now Download CD Now

Hey pricks, you want to see a whole bunch of me, well then get your hands on Alive & Licking! This DVD includes a 30 minute set of mine in all of my foul-mouthed brilliance. Plus the DVD includes another 30 minutes of bonus footage including some more stand up, the music video for my song, Man About Town, my entire appearance on the 2011 Celebrity Charity Roast & a reading from my childrens' book, "Green Eggs & Handjobs". See why I was voted "Critics Choice" in the "Famecast Comedy Competition"and why stars like Kim Coles (of "In Living Color"), Mo Collins (of "Mad TV"), Mike Myers (as 'Tommy Maitland' from "The Gong Show") & Ron Jeremy (of "countless porno's") are already fans.

Warning though, if you're easily offended, do not buy this DVD, because, to quote myself, "My act is bluer than a smurf's pu**y!"