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If there is an next to the title, it means the clip contains some profanity - All clips are MP3's


5 Things You need five things to be happy Tony Robbins?
Allergies Why my allergies suck. (Live in Helsinki)
Bad Weather Finland's depressing weather. (Live in Helsinki)
Barack's New Running Mate C'mon Obama, be really progressive! (Live in Helsinki)
The Chilean Miners The movie and endorsements! God help us.
Comfortable Sex She can never get mad at me for anything!
Fat Albert Did you ever notice...?
Get Your Duck Sicked Listen to the "Barack" joke, then listen to this f**k up.
Getting Caught My dad catching me with my pants down.
Japanese McDonalds Japan & the future of advertising. (Live in Helsinki)
Jersey Shore The end of humanity as we know it.
The Joker Why Heath Ledger was brilliant! (Live in Helsinki)
Mexican's Taking Over How my Mexican friend will take over the world.
Mexican Astronomy Professor My beard reminds you of what?
My Parents Love Over 30 years together and my parents love is strong.
New Flight Attendants My solution to safer flying.
Pimp My Ride But what happens after the ride gets pimped?
Sex Magic Something extra for the guys. (Live in Helsinki)
Simon is a Meanie All about American Idol's favorite judge.
Swedish TV It's all Swedish to me... (Live in Gothenburg)
Tiger Woods A few ideas for Tiger.
Transformers Love the movie, hate my car.
True Love Here's why I love my girl...well, one of the many reasons.
Uncle Flip My niece is so cute!!!! (Live in Helsinki)
Wedding & Tattoo The joys of being unmarried & getting a tattoo

6 Toes Welcome to Elbow STAND UP
Beind Arnold Schwarzenegger Super Dork! SKETCH
Boy Bands Made Easy Super Dork! SKETCH
Botox Super Dork! STAND UP
Cat Allergies Welcome to Elbow STAND UP
Celebrity Stories Lick My Balls! STAND UP
A Channukkah Christmas Ribbed For Your Pleasure SKETCH
Florida's Fault Super Dork! STAND UP
The Gay Dictator Flippin' Through The Channels STAND UP
Gayfended Concierge STAND UP
Gigi... Concierge STAND UP
Green Eggs & Ham Just A One Mic Stand SONG
Guy, Guy, Guy Ribbed For Your Pleasure SONG
Stephen Hawkings Divorce Concierge STAND UP
How The Schmuck Stole Channukkah Ribbed For Your Pleasure SKETCH
I Hate You With A Passion Welcome to Elbow STAND UP
Infomercials Flippin' Through The Channels SKETCH
Iraq Concierge STAND UP
Jerry....(crowd work) Welcome to Elbow STAND UP
Jewish Holidays Flippin' Through The Channels STAND UP
Kanye Concierge STAND UP
A Love Song Lick My Balls! SONG
The Lox Song Ribbed For Your Pleasure SONG
Man About Town Lick My Balls! SONG
Masks Super Dork! STAND UP
Menudo Ribbed For Your Pleasure STAND UP
My Baby Ribbed For Your Pleasure SONG
MySpace Just A One Mic Stand SONG
MySpace Joke Just A One Mic Stand STAND UP
My First Time On Late Night TV Lick My Balls! STAND UP
The New Elmo Ribbed For Your Pleasure STAND UP
The News Flippin' Through The Channels SKETCH
No Flying Music Just A One Mic Stand STAND UP
Ozzy Osbourne Super Dork! STAND UP
Porno Bloopers Flippin' Through The Channels SKETCH
The Real Greg Brady Super Dork! SONG
Referees Welcome to Elbow STAND UP
Skippy Greene Interview Just A One Mic Stand SKETCH
Sunglasses Just A One Mic Stand STAND UP
Tupac Concierge STAND UP
Turn Me On Flippin' Through the Channels SONG
Who's Playing First? Ribbed For Your Pleasure SKETCH

These clips are special moments that I had with the audience. Some of the material might repeat, but the "off the cuff" moments are original and HIlarious!

2010 What the hell do we call this year?
Baby Got Back!? That girl's got a sexy back...and her eyebrows, WOW!
Bernie! What a guy! What a name! What the hell???
Brandon the Vet What's your favorite animal???
Canadians Aren't So Hot Sometimes I need to put a Canadian in their place.
Cherry Stem A very illogical chat with some gayish fellas.
Chinese And What!? Every so often I have a moment that even impresses me.
Cloverc**k The names says it all. (sound quality kinda sucks on this one)
Destroying a Heckler You'll notice not one "planned" joke, yet I destroy this prick!
The Dog Washer The lessons learned in dog washing school.
Don The whitest black guy ever.
Douche Monkey & Lady I gave him a new nickname, if he could only get a quietier girl.
Elastor! From vagina to Satan; this guy covers it all.
Flower Tattoo Personal flower or lover of numbers? (Live in Helsinki)
Gail & The Shepard An old, Jewish broad and her friends.
Geo He sounds so depressed, I should've known.
Grandma's Been Around/Corn This grandmother's heard it all & she knows her corn.
Handling a Heckler Sometimes you just have to be serious.
How To Follow a Guitar Act If you can't beat'em...invite'em on stage with you.
Ida The Blanche Devereaux of Sarasota, FL.
Jared This kid's going to be popular when he graduates med school.
Knuckle F**king Kevin A man, a dentist and a knuckle.
Knuckle F**king Tristan An Irish man who heals with his knuckle.
Kuni Kunda Finally, the German's and the Jew's can laugh together.
Kyle The Cowboy A man who's name combines kids shows & pornos.
Love Train All the makings of a 70's love song (Live in Uppsala)
Mark & The Dragons Dragons, Dragons, everywhere!!! (Live in Sundsvall)
Matty & Marty Twin firemen from Beantown.
Mirasol What a place to do some landscaping.
Nancy & Internet Love THIS is Nancy!? I've heard of her...and Denmark.
Neuro Sexy Nerd Talk about a mind fuck.
Petri You work when??? (Live in Uppsala)
Principal Antny A wise-guy/grade school principal.
Salon Christmas Persian's can be so cruel to salon workers.
Shitler, Pot & Bad Romance A latina decorator, the best job & a horrible anniversary!
Skeeter's?! Why you shouldn't drink while naming your business.
Spiderman's Nurse Spiderman's Worst Enemy!
Tinkerbell Adorably hot girl with an adorably hot job.
Winnebago's? This guy must really love cars.

Some clips from Skippy Greene's live shows and studio songs.

Don't F**k with Skippy NEVER try to get the best of Skippy!
GBX Skippy Greene's Christmas song. (original demo: May 2009)
Hazel Hazel thought Skippy knew about her friend Linda (prank call)
Meatballs Skippy tells of his love for a classic "summer time" movie
A New Rockband system The new Phil Varone Rockband. Sounds like fun!
Skippy Gets Mean Look, just co-operate and everything will be fine...

These are just some other, random audio clips.

Dr. Demento plugs my CD And he also played "The Lox Song" on his show!
Finnish Prank Call Flip prank call's a guy from Finnish Big Brother.
George Carlin & Me After I opened for Carlin, my recorder caught this...amazing.
Doing Regis on the Radio Doing radio on KFAT in Anchorage, AK. as Regis Philbin!