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'The Husband! T-Shirt - 2012
As a married man I feel invincible, I feel powerful, I feel like a superhero! I am HUSBAND!!! And now all the married men (or those who just like a fun t-shirt) can advertise their powers with the new Husband T-Shirt! The shirt has a cool "H" insignia on the front (ala Superman) and the punchline to the joke on the back.

If you're not familiar with the joke that the shirt is based on, watch it here: "The Husband! Joke".

The shirts are great quality, preshrunk and they come in: small, medium, large & XL.

Husband! T-Shirt
'The Wife! T-Shirt - 2015
And now for you married ladies, the brand new Wife T-Shirts! Yes ladies, not only can you can fight crime with your Husband, you can also win every fight you have with your husband.

The shirts are great quality, preshrunk and they come in: small, medium & large.

Wife! T-Shirt
Skippy Greene: 'Lick My Balls' T-Shirt - 2010
A Letter From Skippy Greene:
Dear You,
So you love me, Skippy Greene, and you want to show it? Well now it's your lucky day...my fucktastic t-shirts are here! It says everything you need to say without saying it.

You can wear them to work under your regular clothes and when your boss starts giving you a hard time, just rip off your top shirt and let them have it! They'll be put in their place faster than...uh, shit...something that's fast. I don't know, I'm not good at this crap.

Bottom line, the shirts are funny, well made and comes with Skippy's stamp of approval...don't ask me how I stamped them, just trust me that I did.

So stop debating and get one you pricks!

Love & Kisses,
Skippy Greene

Lick My Balls T-Shirt
'30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Bluray' Cover - 2013
Flip's very first starring role was in this 2013 spoof movie, 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This movie is not for film-snobs; it's simply a movie that "would be best enjoyed in a room full of friends with drinks flowing and popcorn flying...it's a party movie, and the more, the merrier." (FilmFracture.com) Pretty much "a silly and random movie...(that) keeps on suprising all throughout, with the many stuff it keeps throwing at you." (boba_fett1138.blogspot)

So pour some drinks, make sure it's 4:20 (either AM or PM) & enjoy the movie.

Here's the trailer: TRAILER & a couple of nice reviews of the movie:
Film Fracture - Horror Talk

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'Supersillyous' Cover - 2016
Supersillyous is Flip Schultz's brand new live comedy special available exclusively for download. Recorded at McCurdy's Comedy Theater in Sarasota, FL., Flip shines with all new material that covers: sexual inadequacies, gay rights, cruise ships & hand farts...yes, hand farts. And he is at the top of his game while interacting with his audience & creating hilarious moments.

This performance shows Flip at his best delivering clever comedy crossed with vibrant characters. It's no surprise that Dana Carvey (SNL, Waynes World) said of Flip: "You're like Jerry Seinfeld mixed with Robin Williams".

** Includes Bonus Clips like "An Improvised Rap About "Finding Nemo" **

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'Getting Them On The Chain' Cover - 2008
Flip Schultz's second comedy DVD, Getting Them On The Chain has Flip returning to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Here Flip explodes on the stage with such bits as: 5 Things, Getting Caught & Helium Planet. Plus the DVD includes bonus footage like the short film, No Country For Autobots and the Skippy Greene music video, Man About Town.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! This DVD includes the Flip Schultz documentary Making It Up As I Go Along which chronicles Flip's tour of Europe in 2007. We see how Flip reacts to local food customs like Salty Licorice & local celebrities such as Swedish Yoda. Plus while Flip is on stage, we see how quick his mind is as he interacts with the crowd and even manages to deal with a Heckler or two. And yet more bonus footage from the tour like All the website intros!

Getting Them On The Chain: Review

Getting Them On The Chain

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Flip Schultz's first comedy DVD, 2004's What Are You Laughing At?! sees Flip as he returns to his home club, Uncle Funnys, where he practically jumps off the screen for almost an hour performing such high energy bits as: Botox & Florida's Fault, plus some classic jokes like The Shark Bit...BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! Flip also threw in a whole bunch of extras. That's right, you get an additional 10 minutes of footage from the show PLUS all ten video sketches Flip wrote, directed and produced for his sketch show Flippin' Through The Channels such as: It's Good To Be A Celebrity, The New Man Show and Smallville.

What Are You Laughing At!?: Review

What Are You
Laughing At?!

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And now for a little something different...to say the least. Now you can see Flip like you've never seen him before; as his alter-ego Skippy Greene in Skippy Greene: Alive & Licking! This comedy special includes a 30 minute set of Skippy Greene in all of his foul-mouthed brilliance. Plus another 30 minutes of bonus footage like the music video for Skippy's song, Man About Town. ** NSFW **

See why stars like Kim Coles ("In Living Color"), Mo Collins ("Mad TV") and Keegan Michael Key ("Key & Peele") are already fans. And after Skippy's appearance on ABC's "The Gong Show", host Tommy Maitland (Mike Myers) tweeted: "Rarely does an act make me laugh that much. Bravo Skippy Greene".

Click here for a clip of Skippy: Skippy Comedy Club Demo

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You'll go crazy (pun intended) for Flip's 2016 comedy CD, Flipzophrenic! Recorded once again in Sarasota, FL., Flip charges the stage for almost an hour with vibrant characters and all new material that touches on his marriage ("Happy Wife..."), youtube videos ("Japanese McDonalds Commercial"), The Walking Dead ("Zombie Rules") and hand farts ("A Round of Applause"). And as always Flip's interactions with his audience are so wonderful that he included 2 bonus tracks of different audience moments.

Flipzophrenic!: Track Listings & Review


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'Welcome to Elbow'
Flip's 2014 release, Welcome to Elbow, was recorded live in Sarasota, FL. and gives you over 45 minutes of all new material including his observations on his pets ("Cats & Allergies"), football referees ("Sports"), polydactylies ("Anniversary Trip") and being married ("I Hate You With A Passion"). And his crowd work - always a highlight of his act - is top notch as he meets a new friend ("Jerry & The Sexiest Part of the Woman").

Welcome to Elbow: Track Listings & Review

Welcome to Elbow

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'Concierge - 2013
Flip really comes into his own on the 2013 release Conceirge. On this, Flip's 5th comedy CD, he muses about such topics as Jesus's mother ("Iraq & Biblical Jews"), gay rights ("Gay-Fended"), Stephen Hawking ("Stephen Hawking's Divorce") and has some of the best audience riffs he's ever had ("Gigi, Carrie & The Shaved Head"). Plus, as always, Flip included a few bonus tracks...just cause he likes ya!

Concierge: Track Listings & Review


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'Just A One Mic Stand' Cover - 2007
Step right up folks! Step right up and get the 2007 CD, Just A One Mic Stand. This CD is filled with over an hour of some of Flip's best material. Recorded live at Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa, FL., Flip kills his crowd with jokes about flying ("iPod Terrorist"), the internet ("MySpace vs. Friendster"), advice about women ("Women are like Sunglasses") and many more. Plus Flip included 7 bonus tracks consisting of funny moments with the audience, two parody songs and a radio interview with Skippy Greene.

Just A One Mic Stand: Track Listings & Review

Just A One
Mic Stand

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'Super Dork!' Cover - 2005'
Look, up in the sky! It's a nerd...it's a geek...it's Superdork! Released in 2004, this CD (recorded live at Flip's home club, Uncle Funnys) is chalk full of all new material covering such topics as cosmetic surgery ("Botox"), Florida in the news ("Florida's Fault") and Reality TV ("Ozzy Osbourne"). Plus, as with the other CD's, this one includes skits and songs all recorded for Y-100 FM in Ft. Lauderdale where Flip was a frequent guest and writer. Some of which are: "Being Arnold Schwarzenegger"& "The Real Greg Brady".

Superdork!: Track Listings & Review


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'Ribbed For Your Pleasure Cover-2001'
Flip's 2001 CD, Ribbed For Your Pleasure (available through laugh.com) includes over 40 minutes of stand-up comedy recorded live at the legendary Comedy Corner. Flip included some of his favorite jokes which range in topics from boy bands ("Menudo") to holiday shopping ("The New Elmo"). Plus, this CD includes skits and songs all recorded for Y-100 FM in Ft. Lauderdale where Flip was a frequent guest and writer. Some of the skits are: "Who's Playing First?" and "How The Schmuck Stole Channukkah". And there are songs such as: "Guy-Guy-Guy", "My Baby" & "The Lox Song", which was featured on the Dr. Demento Show! (Hear Dr. Demento plugging Flip & the song on his show: MP3)

Ribbed For Your Pleasure: Track Listings & Review

Ribbed For Your Pleasure

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'Flippin' Through The Channels' CD Cover-1999
To hear some really classic Flip Schultz, you should get his 1999 debut CD, Flippin' Through The Channels. This CD is a smorgasbord of comedy, it includes over 25 minutes of Flip's live show recorded at Rascals Comedy Club in Kendall, FL. Some of Flip's classic bits are heard on this CD, including: "Jewish Holidays" & "The Gay Dictator". But, as a special bonus, the CD also contains some audio skits such as: "The News" & "Porno Bloopers", PLUS two songs written just for this album, featuring the sexy-computer love song, "Turn Me On".

Flippin' Through The Channels: Track Listings, Review & Studio Recording Pictures.

Flippin' Through
The Channels

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'Lick My Balls' CD Cover-2009
What's that? You can't get enough of Flip's alter-ego, Skippy Greene? Well fear not, now you can listen to Skippy on his CD Lick My Balls!. This CD includes over 25 minutes of Skippy's live show, plus 4 studio recorded songs including the favorite "Man About Town", "A Love Song" and his special Christmas song...trust me, you'll want to play this with the ones you love. But not the kids.

And remember, this is not a regular Flip Schultz show, this is Skippy in all of his filthiest, raunchiest, dirtiest glory. In all seriousness, if you're easily offended, do not buy this CD.

Lick My Balls!: Track Listings

Lick My Balls!

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