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When Flip Schultz was eight years old, he won a summer camp talent show by performing stand up comedy. There was never a doubt in his mind that comedy would be his future.

For a while he performed wherever he could find an audience, whether at a family get together, bar-mitzvahs, seniors center; he didn't care. He just wanted to make people laugh.

Finally, at 18, he braved a real comedy stage and won the open mike contest. For the next few years Flip performed at many comedy clubs (and bars) honing his craft, paying his dues and finding his comedic voice. And he still managed to earn his degree in theater.

After leaving South Florida as a local favorite, Flip now lives in Los Angeles and tours clubs & colleges all over the country, and has quickly become a sought after comic in Scandinavia.

His accomplishments include:

  • Starring in the spoof movie "30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" (20th Century Fox)
  • Featured roles in the films "Big Trouble" (Touchstone Pictures) & "Breaking Wind" (Lionsgate)
  • Featured on the sitcom "Instant Mom" (Nick At Nite/Nickelodeon) & the series "Mistresses" (ABC)
  • Was featured as "Donny Gold"; spokesman for Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum's "Wincredible Sweepstakes" (2014)
  • Featured comedian on several TV shows including: "Last Comic Standing", "Live At Gotham" & "Comics Unleashed"
  • Has toured Europe every year since 2006. Stops included: LONDON, SWEDEN, NORWAY, FINLAND & GERMANY. He has also toured in CUBA, ICELAND, GREENLAND, BELGIUM, THE NETHERLANDS, HONDURAS & KOSOVO.
  • Military tour of Iraq in 2009 & two European military tours in 2013.
  • Comedian aboard the Norwegian GETAWAY and ESCAPE.
  • His song "The Lox Song" was featured on The Dr. Demento Show
  • Has written for many comedians and contributed to the writing of comedy specials by: PABLO FRANCISCO ('They Put It Out There'), JAMIE KENNEDY ('Unwashed') & DANA CARVEY ('Straight White Male, 60') and he was an on staff writer for Terry Fator & Friends at the Las Vegas Mirage.


-Jason Alexander
-Paul Anka
-Dave Attell
-Todd Barry
-Lewis Black
-George Carlin
-Dana Carvey
-Dave Chapelle
-Tommy Davidson
-Jeff Duhnum
-Pablo Francisco
-Jeff Garlin
-Greg Giraldo
-Bobcat Goldthwait
-Dom Irrera
-Richard Lewis
-Jamie Kennedy
-Larry Miller
-Jackie Martling
-Jay Mohr
-John Pinette
-Caroline Rhea
-Robert Schimmel
-Pauly Shore
-Bobby Slayton
-The Temptations
-Damon Wayans
-Harland Williams
-"Weird Al" Yankovic


  • "He's like an ostrich on PCP!" - George Carlin
  • "You're like Jerry Seinfeld mixed with Robin Williams" - Dana Carvey
  • "Within seconds, Schultz turns into a manic, mike-wielding madman.." - The Calgary Herald
  • "You're terrific!" - Norman Lear (creator of "All in the Family")
  • "Very, very funny....yet strangely realistic" - Barry Sonnenfeld (film director; on Flip's performance in his movie "Big Trouble")
  • "I love him. Hysterical" - Jeff Garlin
  • "Flip did what his own idols like Howie Mandel, and Steve Martin had done for ages. He made intimate contact with the audience. And, the reserved Nordic crowd..adored the transgression." - The New York Resident
  • "Awesome job this week. Always great to see an artist who gets better each time I see them and you are one of them" - Les McCurdy (Owner of McCurdy's Comedy Theater/Sarasota, FL.)
  • "You were great, I really enjoyed watching you" - Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • "He performs well-conceived bits that show an acumen for writing and social satire" - The Sun Sentinel
  • "Flip Schultz's comedy prowess is second to no one. His comedic versatility is the best I've seen in a long time. Not to mention he has huge balls..when it comes to taking chances on the dramatic beats." Craig Moss (film director)
  • "Flip Schultz is a very original and energetic comic whose comedic palette has more colors than many well-known stand-up comedians who have their own sitcom" www.TheSeriousComedySite.com
  • "You were funny...I told my girlfriend that if we ever have a kid, we're going to name him Flip" - Adam Sandler

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30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With
The Devil Inside The Girl With The
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Breaking Wind
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Instant Mom
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The Grand 1894 Opera House, TX
The Griswold Theater, FL.
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Bazooka Bubble Gum
Kelloggs: Special K
Festival Flea Market
Florida Dept. of Citrus

Donny Gold (spokesman)
Gettupah Guy (lead)
Speedo Guy (lead)
Nutty Novelty Shopper (lead)
Surfer Dude (lead)
Basketball Player (featured)


The Andy Kaufman Awards
The Asheville Comedy Festival
The Aspen Comedy Festival
The Boston Comedy Festival
The Burbank Comedy Festival
The Calgary Comedy Festival
The Chicago Comedy Festival
The Great Plains Comedy Festival
The Hollywood Comedy Festival
The Las Vegas Comedy Festival
The New Orleans Comedy Festival
The Rocky Mountain Comedy Festival
The SLO Comedy Festival
The South Beach Comedy Festival
The Stand Up Turko Comedy Festival
The Traverse City Comedy Festival

Invited Performer (as Skippy Greene)
Headlining Comedian
Invited Comedian
Invited Comedian (Semi-Finalist)
Invited Comedian (Best of the Fest)
3 time Headliner (Festival Allstar)
Invited Comedian
Invited Comedian
Invited Comedian (as Skippy Greene)
Invited Comedian (Club Pick: Miami)
Invited Comedian
Invited Comedian
4 time Invited Comedian
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American Headliner
Invited Comedian
Asheville, NC
Aspen, CO.
Boston, MA.
Burbank, CA.
Calgary, Ontario, Canada
Chicago, IL.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hollywood, CA.
Las Vegas, NV.
New Orleans, LA.
Canmore, AB, Canada
San Luis Obispo, CA.
Miami, FL.
Turko, Finland
Traverse City, MI.

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