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Me & Grandpa-I think the word you're looking for is "Awww".


Young Flip & Family - I don't think you needed to be Jewish to have one of these pictures; you just had to have a family in the 1970s..


Best Buds-Good friends are hard to find, and this is me with one of my oldest friends, Grant. You can't tell me you don't have any old pictures of you and your best friend in matching pajamas! And over twenty years later, we're still buds...without the pajamas.


Destined to Perform-Even at a young age, I wanted to be an entertainer. I guess at this age, I wanted to be some kind of knee-sock wearing/neck tie loving/short-short sporting dancing geek. Hey, I would've been the first!


Fifth Grade Class Pic-I think it's pretty obvious which one is me. This is just about when the first stages of "dorkidous" started.


Bar-Mitzvah-This is a picture of me from my bar-mitzvah. Fat, braces and bad hair...god bless puberty!


Ninth Grade Talent Show-Even in front of an unruly crowd of high school students who were expecting to see cheerleaders do splits and jocks do skits, I managed to bring down da house by performing a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. Even then I was fearless....some might say stupid.


Early Comedy-This is me at age 16 on the stage of the Vegas Improv, when comedy was just a dream. This was the first 'real' comedy club I ever went to, for more on this story, check out my picture with BOB ZANY on the 'Famous Comics' page.


Chuck Me! - Well, we all have our jobs as a kid, right? This was mine, I spent two and a half years dressing up as the main rat, Chuck-E-Cheese. It was a fun time...for about 6 minutes, then it all went to crap. And you'd think I would've learned my lesson, but nope. A few years later, I was the mascot for a flower company, Bo K., the Bunny. And yes, the costumes stunk like hell!


Fearsome Foursome - This is one of my favorite pictures, it's a picture of me with my three best high school friends, we were called "The Fearsome Foursome"....hey, we were young. They are: Adam, myself, Aaron & Marc. We're all still great friends, as a matter of fact, here we are at Marc's wedding. I have also been in Adams' wedding...(sigh)...Always a grooms man, never a groom.

First Show! - Dec. 13, 1992, the first time I ever did stand-up. This is a picture from the video, that's why it's a little blurry. This was on the stage of 'Incahoots', a bar that did stand-up once a week, gotta start somewhere, right? Ah...the sports coat, the bright tie, the hair line, to be young in the early ninties. By the way, you will NEVER see the video!

Just Hangin': 1992 - Oh the years when I had big hair and big glasses.

Senior Prom - Let's be honest, all girls love a guy whose hair has more product in it than theirs. Damn, I really loved that hair spray. I never danced at my prom, but I did have a cute date...which explains my big grin.

Senior Year - Here is my senior picture from Plantation High School, it's that kind of picture they designed that was supposed to look casual and serious. I was just happy they aired out my acne!


1993 Headshot - This was a picture used when I was in the improv troupe Comics Anonymous. And speaking of which, I just found this old Comics Anonymous Picture...oy, was I young.


Got to meet "Weird Al" Yankovic - This was such an amazing moment for me. Since I was a wee lad I had idolized "Weird Al"; I had every album he had put out, I knew every song, I'd seen UHF more times than I could count. I met him here at a local south Florida record signing where I was on the local news as being his biggest fan. After that I thought, "Well, the only thing that could top this would be working with him" Six years later...'Famous Comics' page.


1995 Headshot - Taken by my acting professor, this was my first headshot I starting using regularly. I call it my 'GQ Skippy Shot'...I think you can see why.

ComedySportz - One of my first steps into professional comedy was being part of ComedySportz in Ft. Lauderdale. Here I am with some of my fellow improvisers, Duncan, Pat and Dan (and a happy member of the audience) during one of our shows.


Flip Hippie - This is me with long hair after I came home from Texas in 1996...I cut it minutes after the picture was taken. I think you'll agree it was a good idea.


1997 Headshot 1--2--3-These are my old headshots from 1997, you can see a little difference. The third one was called my "Jim Carrey Shot", can you see why? And here are two old promo shots from 1997: FREAK!-The name says it all...and yes, it's real!. The Leno-This is my 'facial impression' of Jay Leno...and yes, this too is real.


Michael Bolton-Yes, that is me and Micheal Bolton at the Miami Improv. He was a nice guy and very down to earth...this is right after I suggested to him to cut his hair.

Flip & Friends in NY-Here I am with fellow comics Adam Sietz and Buddy Bolton in front of the famous Comic Strip in NY. I did a show there and had a great time.

Just Hanging-Here I am after working with the lovely Pam Stone in Miami.

My Name In Lights-My name in lights for the first time at University of Florida. And that little spec at the bottom is me!.


Meredith Brooks & Flip-This is me and Meredith Brooks after her kick ass show at a big musical festival and just before I went on stage.

Flippin' Through The Channels Recording Session - Here's my friend and engineer Micheal Biggins working hard at making me sound good. He went way beyond the call of duty, he not only recorded my stand-up, he recorded the skits and songs, edited and digitized the CD, and played characters on a lot of the skits. My guitarist and brother Darren, who actually taught himself how to play guitar, did all the music for the song 'My Very Best Friend'... talent runs in our family, no? And finally yours truly, singing my heart out for your amusement. And here are a couple of pictures from the photo shoot for the CD: CD photo session 1 & CD Photo Session 2. And finally the moment when it all comes together.

Flip Fans-Here I am with my 'Flip Fans', the very first fans I ever had...and no, they're not related to me. Do you notice their 'Flip Fans' buttons? They made them themselves! (from left to right: Rick, Me, Kim & Lesli)

Just Hanging-Got to work with TV show host, comedian and all around talented fellow, Mario Joyner.

LA-This is a picture of yours truly in front of the Comedy & Magic Club in Los Angeles.

Savannah, GA-This is me and my old friend Craig in front of some kind of shrubbery in Savannah, GA. What a town!

US Comedy Arts Audition-I'm very happy here. This is me posing after I won the HBO/US Comedy Arts regional auditions at the Comedy Corner in W. Palm Beach, FL.

US Comedy Arts LA Finals 1 & 2-Here are pictures of me with comedians Jon Reep and Marc Ryan at the finals for the US comedy arts festival in Los Angeles.

Wing-Ding 1-- 2-- 3-- 4-Here are 4 pictures of me on stage at the Y-100 Wing Ding in South Florida. It was a big outdoor entertainment festival & I performed in front of 26,000 people!


2000 Headshot 1--2--3-Here are the 3 headshots I had in 2000. These, along with the ones from 1997, were taken by Bob Lasky.

The 3jex!-This is a picture of the 'boy band' that I performed with at the Y-100 Wing Ding this year. (with fellow performers Ricky Ricardo and 'Super' Johnny Rose) My character was named Ajax Scrub-2, and here are some scattered pics of us performing our songs My Baby-2-3 and Guy-Guy-Guy!-2-3. And for those of you with a strong stomach, here's a pic of me after I have been applied with my backhair!...and for those of you who were wondering, THIS is why I have been growing those stupid muttenchops!

"Big Trouble"-Here is a picture of me as the 'co-pilot' with Cullen Douglas who plays the 'pilot' in our scene. He is a very nice man and a very talented actor. This is a pic from our scene and these are other pictures of me with some of the co-stars of the film:
Tim Allen who plays "Eliot Arnold".
Tom Sizemore (from Saving Private Ryan) who plays "Snake".
Zooey Deschanel (from Almost Famous) who plays "Jenny Herk"
Johnny Knoxville (from MTV's Jackass) who plays "Eddie".
Barry Sonnenfeld who plays...well...the Director!
*UPDATE!-If you get the DVD you can skip to my scene (scene #10) and you'll know it's my scene because Cullen and myself are the picture to click on.

Brother Sam-It was a very eerie day when I took this picture. While working in Tulsa, OK, I found out that Sam Kinison was buried there. So I went to his grave (which was very surreal) but as I looked upon his headstone, I noticed that I was there on April 10, 2000...exactly eight years to the day he died. Coincidence?...who knows.

Flip and Rick Derringer-After my "Weird Al" show in Ft. Myers, Al's friend, legendary producer Rick Derringer, stopped by and I was lucky enough to snag a pic with the man.

Flip Fan: The New Generation-This was taken after I opened for "Weird Al" in Gainsville. The girl with me is Katie, one of my younger fans who had actually seen me with Al before, yet she still wanted to come back to not only see Al, but to also see me again! Thanks Katie...and aunt Patty.

Man, That White Boy Can Dance!-I'm getting down on the dry bar after a kick ass show in Missouri. The women just loved me as I showed my moves!

Me and Al in the Background-Man do I look happy...and why shouldn't I? I'm smiling brightly while "Weird Al" plays his finale on stage in Melbourne, FL.

New Orleans Comedy Festival 1--2These are 2 pics from The New Orleans Comedy Festival. The first is me at the True Brew Theatre showcasing and the second are myself and fellow comics Betsy Wise and 'Wild Bill' Dykes at the House of Blues. It was a blast to perform with such great comics at an incredible festival. Thanks again to everyone there for the great time.

Night of The Iguana-Here I am at Deja Vu's in Columbia, MO. with Toni. She's showing off her studded tounge and I'm just showing off my tounge!...and yes ladies, it's real and I'm single!

Todd, Tyler and Me-Here I am with Todd and Tyler on their hit radio show in Omaha, NE. They were nice guys with the sickest sense of humor....I fit right in!

"Weird Al" Backstage Pass 1--2-Here are the 2 backstage passes I got when I worked with Al...I can call him that now.

"Weird Al" opening 1-- 2-- 3-- 4-These are special pics of me opening for "Weird Al" in Ft. Myers, FL. This was really a dream come true...and he puts on one helluva show!

Wired For Laughs-This is a group shot of over 70 comics (who only knew each other via the internet) that got together for a comedy get-together in LA this year. I got to meet some new friends and hang out with some old ones, like Danny Bevins, an incredible comic who just won the San Francisco Comedy Competition. And here I am outside the improv underneath the marquee. I had a great time, can't wait for WFL 3!


2001 Headshot 1--2--3--4-Here are the 4 headshots I had in 2001. These were taken by Stephan Sigoloff.

Ben Folds Flip-This was taken after I saw one of my favorite singers, Ben Folds, in Solana Beach, CA. He was a really cool guy, he even called a friend of mine in Florida (who is also a big fan) and left a message on her machine. In the picture, he is showing off his new CD that I gave him....look familiar?

Birthday Boy-Nov. 10 was the big day and my roommate, Dave, made me a birthday cake, how nice. I then went out on the mean streets of LA with one of my new friends out here, Pheby. And then I went to the Improv and celebrated with some other folks. (and here's a picture of me, my brother and my cousins at my family party in Floirda)

Calgary Comedy Festival-This was a real blast and honor to perform at the very first Calgary Comedy Festival. I was actually one of their headliners along with two hilarious Canadian comics, and here I am with one of them, Glen Foster, and this is me with some of the other funny comics. I also got to perform at Olympic Park. You might notice my 'Special K' shirt that I'm wearing, up in Canada, I was kinda famous for that commercial I did. And in the commercial I was in a speedo (don't ask) so everyone kept asking me to wear a speedo. Well one night I did the next best thing, I dropped my pants and did the line from the commercial....hey, it was fun.

Chicago Comedy Festival-Here I am on the stage of Zanies Comedy Club performing at the Chicago Comedy Festival. This was such a great time, I got to hang out with some friends like Nick Swardson and meet some incredible performers, like: Eric Bogosian, Brian Posehn, my friend John Pinette among others. Here's a pic of what I did with most of my time. It was a lot of fun and hope to go back soon!

Happy Halloween!-Boo! I went to a Halloween party in LA as what else?....an agent! (no offense to any agents out there) And here are some pictures of me at the party with some people, and some interesting costumes: Christy Murphy-as a picture that follows you, Brian Posehn-As Spiderman, Me with Fabian, 'Man', and a vase, Me with Buddy Bolton-As the Lincoln Memorial!

Jerry's Kid-Here I am at the wedding of my manager Jerry Hamza. He is a great guy and quickly becoming a great friend.

Jerry's Lewis Telethon-What a day! This is me just outside the CBS studios where I shot the Jerry Lewis Telethon. It was so amazing, especially since Ed McMahon personally chose me to be on it. Here are some highlights: I had to report there at 6:45 am, here's what I used to wake up. They had asked me to sign an MDA t-shirt for auction....I hope my signature didn't bring it's value down! And here I am with some performers on the show: co-host Bob Zany, Penn & Teller, Wayne Brady, and Charro....yes, Charro!
And here is a letter sent to me from the MDA and the thank you article they ran in The Daily Variety...here's a closer look.

LA Bound-From January 16-20 I made my cross country drive from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. to Los Angeles, CA. to start my new life! And here I am with the signs as I entered each state along the way...I just forgot Alabama, no big loss. HA! Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California...me peeing on the side of the road. And here's a picture of me and my friend Adam, who was nice enough to take the 2800 mile drive with me from Ft. Lauderdale to LA. Thanks Adam!

Me and Tina Malave-Here I am hugging Tina Malave as we wait to shoot our scenes in the pilot, Palm Beach Motors. If you look close, you can see the bags under my eyes. That weekend, I had to shoot this during the day, drive 200 miles to do 2 shows and then drive back that night to do the pilot the next morning...and then do it again the next day! All in all, I put on almost 1,000 miles in 3 days! Oh, the life I live.

My Best Friend-This is a cute picture of me with my best friend....my dog BJ! (that stands for Black Jack you sick people!)

My Blue Balls!-What did you expect? Sicko. This was right after I moved to LA, a group of comics got together to bowl, one of whom is my dear friend and hilarious comic Tanyalee Davis. Check out my form!

Next Big Star-I'm killing them with comedy here on Ed McMahon's Next Big Star. It was an amazing experience to do the show, and even better to win it. I had a great time and met some really incredible people, like: Ed McMahon, George Schlaugter, Sisqo (he introduced me on the show). I also met O-Town, the boy band. Now, even though I hate the boy band thing, they were really nice guys. This is a nice pic of me with the other incredibly talented contestants, and here's one of my mother and brother right after I had won, do you notice my mom crying? And finally, this is a picture of the moment when the votes came in.
And here are some pics from the second time I appeared on the show. This is me with Chantalle Barry laying out by the pool at the MGM Grand. She was one of the female singers, very beautiful and extremely talented. This is me contributing to the delequency of minors, I'm teaching some of the kids how to squish their faces. And finally, here's a great perk of performing!

Remember the Alamo-"The stars at night, are big and bright....", makes ya proud to be an American, don't it? This is me at the Alamo in San Antonio, TX., yee-haw!

Venice Beach-On a glorious day in August, I went to Venice Beach with my roommate Dave to take in all that California weather has to offer. I was in such a good mood, that I got myself a henna tattoo. You like?

More Pictures: 2002-2013