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10 Years Later...-I realized how fast time flies when I went to my high school reunion. I'm seen in this picture with my old friends Heath and Judd. I did have a great time and saw a lot of people whom I haven't seen in...well, 10 years. Here is another picture with some other friends, and here are pictures with the girls that never went out with me in high school: 1, 2, 3.

Aspen Comedy Festival-What a thrilling and amazing time I had in Aspen this year. I made some new friends like, Bob Oshack, Alanzo Bodden & Aisha Tyler (I look very bundled, I know). Plus, I met some really amazing celebrities: Catherine O'Hara, Jim Bruer, Don Cheadle, Oliver Stone, The Smothers Brothers, Norman Lear, Adam Sandler (who is very cool) and Whoopi Goldberg. What a time! But man, it was f'ing cold!!!! Oh, and I was nominated by Listerine for the Cleanest Comic at the Festival.

"Big Trouble" Premiere-Here I am under the big 'Fly By Air' sign at the premiere party for "Big Trouble". It was such a surreal experience, and I got some cools pics with some of the co-stars: (you'll have to forgive the quality, I didn't know I was going to get into the premiere...long story, so I bought a disposable camera right before I went in) Heavy D., Dennis Farina, Ben Foster, Patrick Warburton, Andy Richter and director Barry Sonnenfeld.

Calgary Comedy Festival-My second year at the Calgary Comedy Festival was just as fun as my first, especially since I was crowned, "King of the Festival". I got to work with great comics like Chris Clobber & Derrick Richards, I also got to do my Skippy Greene character with Rick Harris. Then myself, Chris and Rick did our tribute to Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercials, ah, ya had to be there! And finally a promo picture by Brad Kuehnemuth...rumaging through a garbage can.

Disney Day!-I'm always excited when I go to Disney World back in Florida, but this was the first time that I went to Disney LAND in California. It was great, and I got to go with one of my best friends Michael. We had a blast, but our other friend, L. Ego was a real blockhead! (Horrible joke, I know)

Flip...Unplugged-Some very rare pictures of me singing on stage with comedian/musician, Adrienne Mesa. He and I wrote the song "My Baby" which is on my CD "Ribbed For Your Pleasure", and we just happened to be working together at the Miami Improv so we decided to sing it. Here are some more pictures: 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Happy Halloween, 2002!-"Glavin!" This halloween I decided to really stretch my acting abilities and go as a geek! Scarey thing is, all of the clothes I'm wearing in this picture, I actually had in my closet. Here are some other pics from a party I went too: Me & Arthur Dent (really my friend Micheal), Me with a pussy...cat and a green fairy and Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne (really the hosts of the party, Harris and Andrea Fellman...thanks guys!)

Just Hangin': 2002-Here we see the good vibes abound at the LA Improv with some friendly faces. And here I am (during my brief 'shaggy, long hair phase') with Dean Haglund, Judah Friedlander, and Marc & Kenny.

Milton Berle Tribute-What an honor and thrill it was to speak at the Tribute to Milton Berle at the Friars Club. I was so nervous being, not only the youngest comic there, but also being the one speaker no one has ever heard of. But I am proud to say that I held my own going on stage with such giants as: Shelley Berman, Connie Stevens, Lani Kazaan & Phyllis Diller, Norm Crosby, whom I had to follow & Sid Ceaser, who went right after me. And then if that wasn't amazing enough, I was given a great compliment by Carl Reiner....what a night!

My Many Faces-This is Shane Winkler, one of the characters I do in my stand-up. I actually go up in costume as different characters, just to try some new things. Here are my other "alter-egos", Sullivan Sharp and Skippy Greene.

My Mom Looks Great!-This is my mom 24 pounds lighter! She was choosen for a weight loss ad in south Florida because of her amazing progress. I just wanted to brag about my mom for a change....she's also the vice president of the Broward Teacher's Union! And my dad is the best too!!!!!

Niagra Falls & Me-It truly is "one of nature's most awesome spectacles" (Superman II). I went to see Niagra Falls 1, 2 while in NY, and it was amazing. Here are a few other pics of me at the falls: Me at Niagra 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Once in a Lifetime-I recently got the chance to work on the set of the Lifetime Channel show, "Lifetime Now". It was a lot of fun, the host, Linda Dano, was a blast to work with. And if that wasn't great enough, I got to meet the two guests on the show, the amazing Felicia Rashad from "The Cosby Show", and the incredible and sexy Jamie Lee Curtis from every childhood fantasy I've ever had!

Partying with Ed and Cynthia-I look a bit sqooshed in this picture with Cynthia Garrett at the filming of a new television project with her and Ed McMahon. The premise was simple, have a group of celebrities of old and new school sit around a party and talk, chit-chat and get it all on camera. It was a whole lot of fun to do, here are some other celebs that were there: Ed with some guests, Mesach Taylor, Elaine Boosler, Steven Valentine and some more guests.

Paul Anka...I Thank Ya-Man, does he put on one hell of a show. Opening for Paul Anka was a thrill and a half. He was a nice guy and the crowd (of over 6,000 people) were extremely cool...and hip for Southern NY. The only bad part of the trip was flying to Buffalo on the death plane...I swear, this thing was like the little bitch of US Air.

Road Pictures-With all the stress of driving around the country, there are some perks, like the scenery. This is a picture of me in Monterey, CA., and here's another, and some of the ocean itself: 1, 2. And these are the plains, streams, and mountains 1 & 2 of the NW. Bonus time, a nice shot of me at Lake Michigan. Oh, and just to throw in a bit of stress, this was running right outside my hotel window in Utah.

They Call Me Scripter, Scripter!-Following in the great steps of Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen and Ben Stiller, I have written my first movie script. It is a cute romantic comedy called "Mr. Right Before." This is a picture of me after I printed the first draft. *UPDATE: The script was submitted into HBO's "Project Greenlight", and it made it into the top 250 scripts!


2003 Headshot #1 - #2 - #3. These were my headshots for 2003 done by Michael Helms.

Birthday Baton Rouge Style-This year my birthday fell on a weekend where I was working in Baton Rouge, LA...you can see my Friday night was destined to be fun. As the comedians that week, myself and Tina Dupuy were forced to participate in all of the events, so here I am with some of the "contestants"...I tell ya, sometimes this job really sucks. There are other pictures, but kids come to my site.

Blind Date-Not that I'm incredibly proud of this, but when I got out to LA, to make some extra cash, I did go on the show "Blind Date"....and I will never show it ever!

Calgary Comedy Festival-For the third year in a row I went to the great white north for some comedy fun, and got it! I met some great comics like Will Durst and Kevin Foxx and got to hang out with some old friends. Other highlights were going with comic Rick Mann to an oxygen bar, meeting some girls...and going on stage without my pants. Yup, same old fun!

Flip on AOL!-This is a copy of the page on AOL that featured me from the 2002 US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, CO. I was one of 4 comics to get a page!

Flippin' Through the Channels-This is a picture from the "Smallville" video from the sketch show I wrote and performed in. And this is from another sketch that parody's "Punk'd"...you'll notice special guest Rick Overton as Rip Torn, and me as Bill Paxton getting decked by Rick.

Funny Money-While being introduced, I flash a goofy face for the new game show "National Lampoons Funny Money". But when the cameras roll, I am all business as I perform, perform and perform . It was such a fun time, the host, Jimmy Pardo was great! This is a picture with one of the other comics on the show JB Smoove, and a picture of me with producer, creator and former 80's sitcom star Marc "Skippy" Price, (and yes I'm aware of the whole 'Flippy/Skippy' thing).

Growing Family-2003 is starting out great for my family with four new births. The first picture is of my new cousin Ethan. Soon afterwards there were new cousins Grant, Hugh and most recently Brianna. If my family gets any bigger, we can start our own commune.

Just Hangin': 2003-Me and Craig Robinson hanging out at the Ontario Improv. We decided to do a jovial pose, I think it worked - Here's me and Arj Barker. Arj is one of the members of The Marijuanalogues...notice his eyes!

Jon Brion-If you have never heard of this man...you will. He is one of the most amazing musicians I have ever seen. He performs every Friday at Largo in LA. A must see for anyone who appreciates great music and a great musician.

Keeping it AL Together-I don't care how old I get, I will never stop loving "Weird Al" Yankovic! I recently went to his concert with my friends Chris Hardwick & Mike Phirm, and had a blast, he always puts on an amazing show. I also got to go backstage, here are some pics: Me with director extrordinaire "Savage" Steve Holland (of "Better Off Dead" and "One Crazy Summer" fame), Me, chris, Mike, Hal Sparks & Glen Humplink and afterward we all went to the Improv where we hung out with Nick & Jodi, and finally, Chris and Mike had enough...I was driving.

Star Search-Here I am in mid-joke on Star Search. It was a lot of fun, but alas, I did not win. This is a copy of my page on the Star Search website, a picture of me in front of my trailer & here are some pics of me with other contestants: Loni Love, Adam Growe, Jon Reep and a very happy me with the models Andrea and Melanie. And from the actual show, a picture of Arsenio introducing me and a picture of me and Arsenio after Lance Bass gave me 3 stars and I gave him a thumbs up...can you guess what finger I wish I could've given him???
This is an article that my parents sent me from their local paper. Are they the best or what!?

The Temptations-I had the honor to open up for this legendary group at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, NJ. It was truly amazing, their show was, without a doubt, one of the best performances I have ever seen. I got a chance to get some pics with them: Ron Tyson, Terry Weeks & GC Cameron and the only original member left, Otis Williams. There is a fifth, but he ducked out before I got the picture...hey, four out of five ain't bad. My parents also came up to see the show, I ask you, how freagin' cute are they!?


A Really Big Shoe-I'm sure you know Craig Shoemaker as a very funny comic, but now he has his own syndicated radio show and I was lucky enough to be there as one of his guests on his very first broadcast.

All Comedy Radio-Here I am with Michael O'Shea and Kent Emmons on All Comedy Radio, a LA based radio show completely dedicated to comedy. These guys were really fun to hang with and had the same sick sense of humor that I have. I can't wait to go back, thanks guys!

Always a Groomsman...-Here we see myself with the rest of the groom's party at the wedding of my friend Craig. It was a great time and a beautiful ceremony. I also got to spend some time in New York and I also looked damn good in my tuxedo.

Growing Family Still-And the family gets bigger. This is the newest addition to my family, Andrew (with his mommy/my cousin, Robin) taking a dip. Welcome Andrew. Here we see my cousin Stacy with her beautiful daughter Julia and her new little sister, Isabella. Just in time to make it into the 2004 category, Dec. 22 brought the birth of my new 2nd cousin, Faith (with her beautiful mommy Stephanie). Welcome to Andrew, Isabella and Faith!

Happy Birthday Bro-My little brother, Darren, is getting so old! I was in Florida this year for his birthday where we celebrated like always. We had some family over and Darren had his girlfriend and godson, Michelle & Ethan, by his side. I had my friend, LE come over and keep me company. And then I managed to get a snap shot with Ethan...and then Ethan and I did some shots!

Happy Birthday to Flip!-And so it goes, I had another great birthday in LA! This was a pic of some of my friends who came out to celebrate with me at the Improv. (Shocker, I know) I was also joined by my roommies Dave and Candice (Dave was taking pics rather than being in them), my friend Dawn and comics Dave Hanson, Kaye West, Lorne Newman and Improv manager/buddy Reeta. The Improv also brought out a piece of cake which I enjoyed. Oh yeah, I also got drunk by drinking some sort of Smurf piss. It was Smurftastic!

It's a Start....-Well, the good news is that I appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the bad news...I was a chicken. Actually, this was a lot of fun. I played a 'San Diego-Type Chicken' pumping gas in this sketch for the show. Hopefully I will appear again, this time with my face being seen. And for those who doubt that was me (like I would lie about it), here is a picture of me at the fitting and this is me with Anne Gerard who played a whale in the sketch. Here is the sketch in all its' glory! (Windows Media) Chicken Sketch.

Jaws Meets Jew-Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...well, into the aquarium anyway. This was taken at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Just Hangin': 2004-Myself with comics Lenny Schmidt and Steve Seagren laughing it up at the Improv. - This pic is pretty damn cool, I met James Hong (from such classic movies as "Big Trouble in Little China") when he came to the Improv for the Chopsctick Comedy Show. - "The greatest rock band of all time"...of course, Tenacious D, and this is me with band members Kyle Gass and Jack Black after they rocked a benefit show at the LA Improv. - Here we see me and James Dunn holding the 'sold out' sign for our show in Tulsa! - Hey look, it's me and Last Comic Standing's Gary Gulman! - What am I doing here...it's obvious, I'm licking the head of comedian Rob Little while he molests JJ, the server, at the Irvine Improv..duh! - Look at this, after 6 years of performing at the Atlanta Punchline, I finally got my picture on the wall! SPECIAL EVENT!-These are pictures from Nick Swardson's birthday party that he had at the Improv. I got to hang out with a cool bunch of people like: (by the way, these pics were all taken with my new camera phone, so the quality is a wee bit off) Brett Gilbert, Henry Phillips, Jeff Richards (of SNL fame), and a very special picture with David Cross (of Mr. Show and Arrested Development fame). - Here's me and a bunch of friends who came to see my show in Orlando. - Look who came to a show of mine at the Improv in Hollywood, it's my old friend from Florida, The WB's Nick Zano. - This is me with Doug Benson & Grahm Elwood, some of the other comics from the AOL Comedy Showcase in Irvine. - Don't I look great with Jimmy Dore at Uncle Funnys? - Myself and Killer Beaz 'screwing around' in Atlanta.

Las Vegas Comedy Festival-This is me with my buddy...Buddy (yes, that's his name) at the LVCF. I realized that I don't have any pics of me actually performing, so I'm just going to put up the pics I have of me with some of the amazing people there. So, here we go: Buddy Bolton & Bernie Brillstien, THE AMAZING Shelley Berman (he is so cool and brilliantly hilarious. I got to perform improv with him!), The guys from All Comedy Radio, George Schlatter, Judy Tenuta, "Uncle" Larry Reeb (who won the best of the fest!), Mindy Sterling, Rocky Laporte & Ed McMahon, Pat Cooper, Sammy Shore, Tanylalee Davis, Shelley Berman and a bunch of young comics. I can't thank the festival enough for the amazing time I had. And if Cleto (seen here with me and George Wallace) is reading this...."1975!..."

Latino Laugh Festival: The Show-"Damn you!" That's what I think I was saying during this joke when I was on the Latino Laugh Festival. It was a fun day, I got to hang with some comic friends like, Rob Little and Carl Guerra. Plus I was joined by my "regular" friend Dawn. After a great show I thanked the Gods of Rock'N'Roll comedy!

Loco Comedy Jam-Si, I did another Hispanic comedy show in 2004, and I had blast on this one as well. But to be honest, I had more fun hanging out with the comics than I did actually performing. Some of my closest comedy friends were there like Cleto Rodriguez & Eric Schwartz, Joey Medina and Chris "Kid" Reid (by the way, I have NO idea what was with my expression in this picture. I look like I just crapped my pants and I feel naughty about it)

Playing with Pablo-This is a picture of myself and Pablo Francisco at the Orlando Improv on stage together. Pablo has this bit about Mentos commercials and how they always have a happy ending. So this is me working at a bank and him robbing me (all the while singing the Mentos song). And then he shoots me and I fall dead against the wall...but then give the thumbs up! Mentos!

Thanksgiving-This is a group shot of all of us at a big Thanksgiving Day Party held by Kent Emmonds and Amy Anderson. It was a lot of fun. By the way, that is Gary Coleman sitting right next to me?..and no, he's not sitting on my lap. And here's a copy of the Thanksgiving Card I sent out.

What's In A Name?-I was so honored that my friend and brilliant artist, Ramon Shiloh, decided to use me as one of his subjects for a project called "The Art of Comedy". He interviewed me and then made my name using aspects of my personality...if you notice, the "I" in my name is Skippy! Check out another book of his called Guidance Through An Illustrative Alphabet.

You Can't Go Home-That phrase is now truer than ever since Uncle Funnys Comedy Club, my home club where I first performed at, is closing its' doors after 10 years. The last week it was open, I was working in W. Palm Beach, but I had one night free, so I went in to say good-bye and do a farewell show. Here are some pictures, forgive the quality, they were taken from the back of the club with little light: Final Show 1, 2, 3, 4. It's been great, thanks to everyone who's come and supported me and the club.

You Down With OCF?-I had such a great time with my good friend Dawn at the Orange County Fair in California. While there, we decided to try our hands at acrobatics. We got strapped into a harnass that connected you to some big rubber band kinda things so you could bounce really high and do flips and whatnot. Since Dawn is a dancer, she was a natural. Whereas I'm so scared of heights, you can see the fear in my eyes....but not the crap in my pants. Well the day only got better because I got to meet a legend, Dr. Demento, who's been playing funny songs for over 30 years now, plus played my song, "The Lox Song" off my Ribbed For Your Pleasure CD. (of which he said it was a "Great CD!") Not to mention that he also started off the career of one of my heroes...Weird Al. The good doctor gave me a prescription which made me extremely happy, and then the night ended with a kick ass concert by none other than Weird Al. All in all, what a time!


Flip & Skippy-Never let it be said that I don't have balls. On the last show I did in Brea in Aug. of 2005, I brought out "Little Skippy" and did about 10 minutes with him. Most of the crowd loved it, the rest of the crowd was scared. I don't care, it was funny! Oh, the reason I'm wearing the mask is because I'm a huge germaphobe, so I protected myself from the ravenous germs of Orange County...acutally it's because I'm a shitty ventriloquist. Much thanks to Michele for creating my little friend. Here are some more pics: 2 - 3 - 4

Happy New Year-Here we Steve Monroe, Pablo Francisco, myself and Johnny Dam at the Brea Improv for New Years 2005. These were amazing shows. Here are some of the staff: Julia, Rochelle and Pam & Quincy. Thanks again guys!

I Smell A Ratt-And the rat is Steven Pearcy from classic 80's band Ratt! Steve came by the Irvine Improv to see the show, and to meet one of his biggest fans, Pablo Francisco. Pablo's a guy who put so much good out there, so it's great to see him get something good back, hey, what comes around goes around...

Inside Joke-Here we see myself in front of the aqarium where I was shooting a segment for the SiTV show "Inside Joke". The crew was really cool and I got to hang out at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach for a while, here are some cool pics: fish, sea lion, octopus & my agent.

Just Hanging 2005-Two pictures from my week in Tampa. First is myself and Side Splitters Comedy Club owner Bobby Jewel showing our grown up side, and secondly is me with the other comics that week, Merv Seymor & Maurice Jovan. - A fun night at the Hollywood Improv with Me, Erik & Bill. - Hey, it's me and Chappelle Show's Bill Burr at the Miami Improv. - Lookie, lookie, it's me with David Alan Grier & Al Jackson from our week in W. Palm Beach. And here's David posing for a picture with me...and he's oh so excited. - Smile! It's me and comic Jeff Burghart at the Improv in Hollywood. - After years of touring with Pablo, he finally got to meet my family in Miami. As you can see, bad facial hair runs in my family. - Myself with Dave Hansen, Scott Kennedy and Taylor Williamson after a benefit for Project Angelfood at the Hollywood Improv. - Hey, look who's on the marquee at the Brea Improv! - Skippy with some dancers at a burlesque show he performed at. - Here I am at a YMCA benefit at the Hollywood Improv with Jay Leno, George Lopez, Jeff Ross, Jim Norton and Budd Freidman...just another night in Hollywood, yawn. - Another benefit for Project Angelfood where two great things happened, I closed an amazing show and I got to be brought up by the host, Eric McCormack. Knock-knock? Who's there? Me, Al Berman & Jamie Kennedy in San Jose! - Here's a very candid shot of some folks at the Hollywood Improv...well April wasn't quite that candid. - Who's that with me in Houston? Why it's Sheryl Underwood! - Boy, is my face red...cause I'm with comedy legend Red Buttons after his show at the Improv.

Kiss and No Make-Up-How f**king cool is this? I had a spot at the Improv and who was there?...Gene Simmons baby! He was extremely cool and said of my set, "You were funny". I asked him if he wanted to rock 'n' roll all night, and he said no, he had to get in early, he had a big week of partying ev-er-yday. I know that was stupid, I couldn't resist. Seriously, it was so cool!!!

The Rocky Mountain Comedy Festival-Oh Canada! I had a really great time at this first time festival. I got to hang with some friends like Chris Fairbanks and Big Daddy Taz. The scenery was beautiful, really, really beautiful. Oh, and I finally got to make a snowangel. The crowds were amazing and on the last night I appeared with a whole bunch of comics...including Skippy Greene! Here are some pics of Skippy: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6. Thanks again guys! Can't wait 'til next year.

San Francisco-I had such a great time in San Fran. I only had enough time to explore the Fisherman's Warf, but I saw the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. And that night I did a show at the Throckmorton 142 Theater with some great comics and then we headed out to Dennys where we had a late night dinner or an early breakfast...depending on how you look at it. God bless the Moons Over My Hammy.

Skippy Greene: We Laughed-Skippy Greene on the Second City marquee...not too bad, huh? The show went so well, I can't thank everyone enough for coming to see it. Plus I have to thank Lenny Schmidt, Lance Montatlo and Kyle Cease for their constant work and belief in the show. Thanks again. Here are some live shots of Skippy & Smacky taken by Mike Corrano: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame-Here we see me doing a "not so normal" gig as I entertain the crowds at the Fullerton Flyers baseball game. This was a gig put on by the Brea Improv and it was an...interesting time, but I did have fun helping Brea Improv manager Dan set up their trade table. Here's a pic of me with Coltrain, the mascot. And here are a few other pics: 1 - 2 - 3.

What Happens in Reno...-...stays in Reno. The biggest little city in the world, hell yeah! I had a great time working the Harrahs Casino that week with comics Rocky Laporte & Avi Lieberman, and what was really cool was that our dressing room was originally Sammy Davis Jr.'s! Hey, at least it's still being used by a Jew.


Club Med - This is me with some friends at the Club Med in Port St. Lucie, FL...one of the best times I've had on the road. First of all, I got to conquer my fear of heights by swinging on the trapeze...twice!!! (by the way, despite how it looks...I didn't not have an erection standing on that platform) Made some new friends like Rebecca & Dorothy, and of course I rocked the KAR....E....OKE! It was so much fun, and I was really sad when it was all over. I swear it was like camp; thanks to everyone there...see ya soon!!!

The CN Tower - In Toronto there lies the CN Tower: one of the tallest man made structures in the world. Well, knowing how scared of heights I am there was only one logical thing to do...Lie down on a glass bottom floor over 1400 feet above the ground! Wow, I was so freaked out. Luckily my comedian friends Dwayne Perkins & Nikki Payne were there to help me out. Did I mention that I am freaked of heights??? And here, for your viewing enjoyment, is the "Official CN Tower Group Shot". I think we can agree I was a bit too excited to be there...and Dwayne wasn't...and Nikki was...well, I don't know.

The Fairly Normal Comedy Tour-This was such a great show! Josh Wolf, Theo Von and myself (with Amy Claire Lloyd hosting) at the Lake Charles Civic Center in Louisiana...what else could you ask for? How about a standing ovation! Yup, it happened. Thanks to everyone who showed up, you guys rock!

The Great Canadian Laugh Off-Let's just say the Americans make their mark on the Great White North. Here we see myself with Dale Jones and Philadelphia, the 3 American finalists in the contest...and they're both good buddies of mine, so it was very cool. All of the comedians (American and Canadian) in the competition were really good, so it was a very tough contest. I had a great time in Toronto, I got to hang with some other comics, ride the subway and eat some authentic Canadian cuisine. And here's a promo picture of some of us from the contest's website: Promo Pic.

Growing Family 2006-It was a slow year for my family, only one new member. This is the beautiful boy Mathew (having some wine just before he was snipped), son of my cousin Dawn and her husband, Ken.

Happy Birthday-As you can see I had a very nice birthday this year. Thanks to my friends, friends and more friends for showing up. And also for providing me with a comfortable place to lie down.

Happy New Year!-Check it out, it's me, Angel Salazar and Ronnie Khalil in Miami for new years. It was a great show and a lot of fun to work with these guys. And here's me, Ronnie and Bret, the club manager...and lastly (but soooo not least) me and Vanessa, a hostess at the club...and my future ex-wife. Of course her present boyfriend might have a problem with that.

"I'm Flippita Banana..."-"Whatchoo got punk!?" I'm doing some trash talking on the set of the commercial I shot for the Florida Dept. of Citrus. As you can see I'm playing some b-ball while wearing a big fruit hat. It was a lot of fun, and the other actor, Kel Turner, was really funny. Here are some other pics: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. And here is the finished product! - Florida Orange Juice Commercial!

I've Become a Porn Again-So Skippy Greene was asked to perform at a fund raiser sponsored by the online adult site, www.xfanzlive.com, and of course, Skippy was thrilled to do it. (In case you can't tell, I am Skippy) So Skippy got to meet some nice, sweet girls including Ava Rose. Well as the night progressed, I realized that Skippy wouldn't do well and so I decided (literally at the last minute) that I would go up as me. I was brought on stage by a lovely lady and proceeded to be funny and sexy all at the same time. Afterwards Ava squeezed me with joy and at the end of it all, I met a BIG legend...very big. And speaking of big, a big thanks to my buddy John for taking all the pictures.

Just Hangin': 2006-It was quite embarrassing to be caught being naughty with my friend Carolyn...but so worth it. And here's another picture with Carolyn & Simone...and a very happy me. - Lookie here, it's Me, Dave Attell & Sean Rouse in Florida. - So I'm flying back from Florida and look who was on my flight...He Bangs! He Bangs! - A quick hello to my friend Andrea, seen here at her birthday with a dashing stranger...well I am stranger than most. - Here I am getting an "interesting" greeting from "Aristocrat" director Paul Provenza in Canada. - A fun night was had at the Hollywood Improv: Becky & Scott got romantic, I hung out with Rob Troy and Sarah Silverman showed off her cutie booty. - I know I look like I have a lazy eye, but that's just because Kris is so funny and cute that she makes me melt. - Just before doing a late show in Irvine, I ran into Jon Lovitz who just headlined the show before. - Why is Nick Swardson looking at me like that? - Greg Warren & Nikki Glaser stopped by to say hi. - Here are the comics from The Barely Standing Show. - Always fun at Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa. The dancing was fun, working with comedian Jason Kanter was great and I got to catch up with old friends. - Hey everyone...do the Carlton! Ok, I'm sure he's sick of that, but Alfonso Ribeiro was a really cool guy to meet. - Hey, hey it's Mickey Dolenz after his performance of "Pippin" in Toronto. Always fun to hang with my new buddy Joe Starr...hey, if he's my new friend, how can it always be fun???

Last Comic Standing-Boy oh boy was I shocked to have gotten that envelope. It's still very surreal but it truly was amazing that I was one of two comics picked for LCS from Miami. The other was my friend Malik S.. I made it past the open audition and got to perform and perform some more. Then they showed me in an interview where I talked about...something, I dunno. Then they announced that there was only one envelope left and the winner was....(duh)...ME!! And by the way, that look of shock was real. Then, like a good little boy, I called my mom to tell her the news. It really was an amazing time, and a very close competition down in Miami. Kudos to all the comics who made it to the show that night. Next for me came the semi-finals in Los Angeles. They showed a couple of my jokes including the ever-popular botox joke. I was really thrilled with my set, so much so I made a "I nailed it" gesture...which I feel I did. Now, as if being on the show wasn't amazing enough, the good folks at NBC chose me to be part of the online competition where people could watch my performance and vote to get me back on the show. Thanks for all the love and support guys.

Latinpalooza-Awww...aren't we cute? This is me with comedian (and producer) Joey Medina at the launch party for the comedy DVD, Latinpalooza. It was so cool to be there because I got not only walk the red carpet, but see some friends like Darren Carter, Mike Robles, Alex Reymundo and Gabriel Iglesias...with his girlfriend "Clawdia!"...seriously. And if you haven't seen the DVD yet, go get it, it's hilarious. Oh, and look for Skippy Greene appearing as Joey's agent in a short sketch that starts the whole video!

Live At Gotham-And so my first appearance on Comedy Central began...It started when I came into NY and crashed on the floor of my friend Buddy's apartment. After a few days I went to shoot at the Gotham Comedy Club. They choose my wardrobe, applied my makeup and then I did a promo shoot for their "Motherload" website. After the shooting all of the comedians on the episode got together for a promo picture...that wasn't it. But the best part of the shoot was that one of my dearest friend, Gilad was there to see it along with some of my family that I hardly ever get to see. It was such an amazing experience! And here is my name on Tivo and some pics from the broadcast: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

London-Cheerio all! I had an amazing time performing in London with Pablo Francisco. Aside from the show being fantastic, I got to do some sight seeing. I saw Buckingham Palace, Shakespheare's Globe Theater, Westminster Abby (and even though it wasn't allowed, I got a picture inside Westminster...shhh). I also saw The Millenium Wheel, Picadilly Circus, The Tower Bridge and here's one of me on the bridge (I guess the sun was in my eyes). Of course I had to see The Tower of London where, despite my best material, I couldn't get the the guard to laugh. But the best part of the trip would have to be meeting the Invisible Man. What a trip!!!

Stockholm-Hej everyone! It was such an unforgettable trip to Stockholm that I took with Pablo. First of all, the crowds were unbelievable! And the guys who put this together, "Bob" & Soroush were so cool, they made us feel so at home over there. They even took us on a boat ride to this fantastic restaurant. Then the rest of the trip I spent time with Robert and Susan as we toured a bit of the city, saw the royal palace...where I fit right in. And at the end of the week, we were taken to the airport by....HELICOPTOR! What a view. Tack to all my friends in Sweden...tack so megit. (I'm sure I spelled that wrong)

South Beach Comedy Festival: Audition-What a fun time I had showcasing with a bunch of my south Florida friends for the SBCF. I'm sitting there with comics Derek Richards and Matt Hafer. The winner that night was Ricky Cruz, and here are some other comics: 1 - 2.

South Beach Comedy Festival: Festival-I'm rocking the hizzouse on the Lincoln Stage Theater during the SBCF. Here are some other action shots: 1 - 2. And here are all of the Lincoln Road Comedians. I had a great time at the afterparty at the Delano Hotel where I was interviewed, partied with some cool folks, made some new friends like local news anchorman Jawan Shrader and hung out with some old friends like Bill Burr, Todd Glass, Greg Giraldo and Tony Rock. Plus I got to meet some of the cast of Reno 911 and Jackie Mason. And to top it all off, I was featured on Comedy Centrals' website, Motherload: 1 - 2 - 3 and get my very own Comedy Central Page. It was really a thrill to be a part of the first SBCF and I hope it lasts for many more years...and I hope I can come back...and I wish I could end this with something funny.

Top of the World, Ma!-When I think of milestones in my career, this is near the top of list: my name on the marquee of the Hollywood Improv! I mean this is such an honor, and (to me) it validates what I've been doing with my life for over 13 years. Can you tell that I was happy? Well, I was! Thanks to all of the Improvs around the country, you guys are my homes away from home....ok, enough ass kissing....well, just one more...IMPROVS RULE!!!

Unwashed-It was a lot of fun when I opened for Jamie Kennedy's Comedy special. But what's really fantastic was that Jamie included me and his other opener, Al Berman, in the extra features of the DVD. Plus, he also credited the two of us as additional writers! Thanks so much Jamie.


Capt. Fun-This is what's fun about doing comedy...when you've got friends who are just as sick as you so they pretend to be a dummy and let you say the sickest, nastiest things through them. The "dummy" is comedianne Lisa Corrao, and this is a fun little bit we do called "Capt. Fun's Kiddie Hour". Check out the video.

Comics Unleashed-Here we are, the guests on episode #101 of "Comics Unleashed"! I had such a great time on the show. And the host, Byron Allen...he's such a real person...get it? The younger readers, probably not so much. I had my name on the door and my seat was right next to Byron's. Plus I got to appear with really great comedians: Mike Marino, Jimmie 'JJ' Walker & Bonnie McFarlane. And my buddy Rob Little was shooting his episode the same day. Of course, it took a bit of make-up magic to make me pretty...but just a little.

Darrens' Dirty 30 - This year my pimp-tastic brother, Darren, turned the big 3-0. So to celebrate we had a sexy party where everyone dressed up Sexy/Pimpy. I went as the latin gynecologist, Dr. Juan Derful...here I am giving an examination to some lovely ladies. We brought in a "Dancer" for the party. I really liked her...I MEAN REALLY LIKED HER! My dad, brother and I showed off our cool tattoo's and I also posed and smiled nicely with my sister-in-law and her friend...incidentally the part that is "X"ed was fake. Just call me the Jewish Dirk Diggler.

Europe 2007-So, here we see Pablo and myself riding in our tour van during our Europe tour. We had a great time touring with a with a great group of guys. And here are some pictures from different stops on the tour:

  • London-This was the first stop, London. I hit the big places like Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus a local restaurant. We also hung out at a beautiful park, so beautiful, it made me feeling like singing! Then we went on over to Abbey Road Studios. That was cool, I signed the wall, saw the actual street used on the cover of "Abbey Road"... and then I tried to recreate the cover...of course I almost got runover by a pissed off driver.

  • Helsinki-As Pablo would say, Helsinki sounds like some badass superhero. First of all, we worked with a great singing group (incidentally, the women of the group serenaded me...how sweet, no?) and one of Helsinki's biggest comics...not so good with the ladies though. It was great, the city was beautiful, the drinks flowed, the women were friendly and I got to chill out and look artsy. (And here's some videos of me doing interviews in Helsinki: Interview 2)

  • Sweden-This was a shot of Malmo, our first stop in Sweden. The shows there were great and that's where we started touring with two other comics, Henrik & Yanni and our opening singing act, Loutima. After that we hit Stockholm where we performed at the China Theatern and did a special MySpace show. I also went back to the Vasa museum and saw The Vasa again...unreal. (if you want to see my joke about it, Click Here) But coolest of all was that I got to see Maria; she was our Swedish au pair who helped raise my brother and I, and I haven't seen her in over 20 years. Sooo amazing. Anyway, from there we hit our last Swedish stop, Gothenburg. After our last show there, we said goodbye to Henrik; very sad. He's hilarious.

  • Oslo-First let's start with the sites; beautiful. But the place I had to go was (what I called) "The Naked Park". My new friend, Therese took me there, here are some highlights: Naked Park 1, Naked Park 2, Naked Park 3, Naked Park 4, Naked Park 5, Naked Park 6. OK, after that we hit the local comedy haunt, Latter. There I got to know the girls...then I really got to know the girls. Of course, as the night went on, me and the guys got a little hammered. So, after spanking and drinking, what's the natural progression? KARAOKE! Oh, I rocked that bitch! Incidentally, I did it another night. Unfortunately, that's when we had to say goodbye to Yanni. It's all winding down. (By the way, if you want to see me rock the 'roke, Click Here)

  • Reykjavik-The last stop was amazing; a really great way to wrap things up. A bunch of us went to the natural hot springs over there. They were beautiful and I got look rugged. We then went to the swimming area and though it was freezing, I braved the brief cold and got in the pools. Then we did what you usually do in water, we drank. And finally, after the last show (where we worked with a funny Icelandic comedian, Thor), we got some dinner; the group of us...afterwards, Randy and Pablo didn't look to well...I think it was stress.

    All in all, it was an amazing time. I want to thank all of the audiences who came to the shows. A big thanks to Bob, Suerge, Ninja and Hammid for making this tour unbelievable! And, of course, a huge thanks to Pablo! I hope to be back soon!!!

    UPDATE!: If you want to see more about my tour of Europe, go and order my DVD, Getting Them On The Chain. It not only has an entire disk of my stand up, but it also includes a seperate documentary about my tour called, Making It Up As I Go Along.

    Growing Family 2007-This year started with a new addition to the family, little Hanna. Ain't she adorable???

    Happy Birthday to Me!-This year I got to spend my birthday at home in Florida (seen here with my dad). It was cool because not only were my family there...seen here is my cousin Craig, but friends too, like my oldest, Grant. I also found out my cousin Hannah is a big fan of my comedy....she loves the dirty jokes.

    Happy New Year-It's official, I've spent my last 10 new years performing! This year was great, I worked in Ft. Lauderdale with Jeff Dunham & Ronnie Kahlill. Always a great time, always great crowds, all the best to you in 2007 folks!

    Just Hanging 2007-Here I am blowin' up with Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone in Ft. Lauderdale. - Oh, the girls just love me. - Who's that? Why it's Emmanuel Lewis and me. And here we are with Jamie Kennedy & Casper in Atlanta while they all plugged their movie "Kickin' It Old Skool". And our final stop on Jamie's movie tour was in San Francisco where Bill Dawes, Me, Bobby Lee, Jamie & Casper all did a show at Cobbs Comedy Club. - Oh my lord, is that?...me with Frank Stallone!? It is! - Hey, it's me, my friends and The Friedmans! - Well lookie here, it's me and my friend Craig just before we saw "Weird Al". And here I am with my friend (and "Weird Al" drummer) Jon 'Bermuda' Schwartz. - I like to kick it with the fine folks down at Playboy Radio...and yes, she did take off her shirt, and no, I didn't get a picture.

    Kareoke Time!-That's my friend LE getting into her Janis Joplin during our many karaoke sessions we had while she visited me. She got to meet one of my best friends, Dawn...don't they look sexy and evil all at once? Now when there is karaoke afoot, of course I had to go up myself, with some help from my singing partner, Dawn. We rocked to a little "Suddenly" from Xanadu. Fun, absolutely...a bit gay, you betcha! Later that week we hit another kareoke bar where my friend, Chris Reid was hanging out. LE, again, rocked it! And even had a fan. And what's that? Dawn and I doing more kareoke?? What a shocker! And to close is off, I finish the night up myself! Come into my rock 'n' roll soul!

    Orange County Fair '07-This year I had a great time at the OCF with my friends Dawn and Emily. I got to hang with some goat homies (who shared my taste in clothing), Dawn was really excited at the pig races. Fellow comic and 'Sponge Bob' voice, Tom Kinney was there with his family. But the big thrill was, as always, seeing "Weird Al", who put on an amazing show as usual. Even the girls caught the Al fever. And in the end, I got to spend a great day with two beautiful ladies...life is good.

    South Beach Comedy Festival-I had the pleasure of performing at the SBCF for the second year in a row. It was a lot of fun this year as well because of the great comics that were there...some of whom were very friendly. I also got to be interviewed by CBS 4 in south Florida. Then I spent some time hanging out with some other comics like Hal Sparks & Josh Blue, Jackie Mason, Dave Koechner and Jon Stewart...who's still an amazing stand up. But of course the high light for me was jamming with Hal doing some KARAOKE!. Oh, and here's one of my favorite pictures from my performance: during my "Cuban Coffee" joke I shake my face back and forth really fast and this guy caught me right in the middle of a Face-Shake...attractive, no?

    Sports Talking Jew?-To help promote the 2007 South Beach Comedy Festival, I appeared on "Jim Berry's Sports Talk" for CBS 4 in Miami. Needless to say I'm not a huge sports fan, but I did write some sports material that did pretty well considering I was playing to a camera and a panel of four...including Kimbo Camper and Channing Crowder. Here are some more pics of me in action: 1 - 2 - 3. And here's what I'd look like as a anchorman.

    Totally Baked-Just found out that I made a very brief appearance in the "pot-u-mentary" Totally Baked. The name says it all. And in case you don't believe me, here is my name in credits...now go blaze.

    What's In A Name Again?-My friend Ramon Shiloh once again drew my name in a visual sense in conjunction with his fundraiser. There were a few other comics he drew such as Richard Pryor, Sarah Silverman, Orny Adams and many others. I was honored to be included. Here's a close up of my name.


    Carvey Credit-Yeah folks, that's my name listed among the the "special thanks" that Dana Carvey gave on his latest HBO special. I helped Dana with some of his jokes that he did and he was amazing enough to give me that credit. Thanks again...party on!

    Fator-Ade: #1-So I got a great new job writing for Terry Fator; an amazing performer who won "America's Got Talent". I was recently writing for him in Vegas with some other great writers. My roommate Dave, and comedian Tanyalee Davis came by to watch the show. But the coolest thing was that Fred Willard came by to watch the show and then we all got together to write a bit for Fred to do on stage with Terry! What an amazing time. This time, what happened in Vegas...I'm telling everyone about!

    Fator-Ade: #2-Here I am with my fellow Terry Fator writers as we once again met in Vegas to write. What made this trip even better was that right before the week with Terry, I worked the Vegas Improv with some great comedians and my Dad showed up to hang! But after writing for puppets for a few days, I was ready to kill them! But a cool perk of working for Terry is that I get to meet some really cool people. Last time I met Fred Willard, this time I got to meet Tony Orlando (incredibly classy guy) and Brittany Spears..er, I mean Derrick Barry from America's Got Talent. Yes, that's a man, yes he looks that hot in real life...and no, I didn't go there.

    Finland Tour-So my headlining tour of Finland started, as most do, on the plane. Business class no less; thanks Finland! When I landed I met with the other guys on the tour and we started out. We drove to all the gigs, so I got comfortable and Illari (another comic) read a book...touring is so exciting, no? Along the tour I was introduced to a delicacy, black sausage, and to be honest, I never "saw such" a disgusting thing in my life! Ismo (the other comic) however, fucking loved it! Another fun thing I found was a KARAOKE! And yes, I sang "Stayin Alive". A few facebook friends stopped by to sing along. And apparently I got really drunk and I ended up doing this. Another fun stop on the tour was the bell rest stop, and we got some sweet desert....Antti (the tour promoter) loved his cake. The scenery was beautiful, but just when everything looked fun, there was a terrible accident...but luckily I made that wolf my bitch! A cool perk of touring is that I get to do radio, here I am with the different DJs I met: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4. And finally, a pure ego moment. Thanks Finland! See ya soon!

    Gong Show-That's me and "Little Skippy" doing our thang on the Gong Show. It was a lot of fun, got to hang out with a cool group of geeks, freaks & hot ladies. They loved me. I also got to catch up with my buddies Dave Attell & Greg Giraldo. And before you think it might've been fixed since I know those guys, I never met Dave Navarro before he liked "our" act as well. If you haven't had a chance to see it, check it out!.

    Growing Family 2008-Welcome to the world my brand new 2nd cousin, Sophia...(everyone)..."Welcome Sophia!"

    Happy New Year-The night started with a surprise call from the Miami Improv to work (making this 11 years in a row working New Years), and it was a great show with Ramone Garcia & Gerry Owens. After that I headed over to a party with my lovely friend Stephanie. The folks there were great...I kinda stayed to myself.

    Just Hanging 2008-This is the shizzle my nizzle...yes, me and Snoop Dogg outside the Hollywood Improv...izzle. The picture is a bit blurry, let's just call the picture a "Pot-Shot". - Well if it isn't me and Charlie Murphy..."f**k your couch!" - That's me and my beard brother, Michael.

    Vegas Baby!-Here we see my friend Dave and myself after we arrived to our free room (Thank you Dave for being a "high-roller") in Las Vegas. That night we went to see Robert Schimmel do an amazing comedy show, and Larry Miller opened for him; also doing an amazing job. After that we hit the town and met up with my friend (and fellow comedian) Tanyalee Davis...incidentally, she really likes me. Dave got cozy with two young ladies. Later that night we all happened to run into the comics at the Improv out there, Scott Kennedy & Fraiser Smith. All in all, it was a great trip. Oh, here's one for the ladies!...you're welcome.


    Alfest 2009-So I got to go to my first "Weird Al" fan convention, and it was so much fun. They had some cool performers like Hot Waffles, Count Smokula and my buddy Throwing Toasters. I also got to hang with my friend, and "Weird Al" drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, who then did some precussion with "Weird Al" guitarest Jim West. Then I got to be part of a trivia contest called I Lost on Jeapordy. I was so confident coming on stage, but as I continually answered the questions wrong, I actually did lose on Jeapordy. It's ok, because the final event was a celebrity panel from the movie "UHF" with the stars Gedde Watanabe, Victoria Jackson, David Bowe and director Jay Levey. It was also moderated by radio legend Dr. Demento. It was quite the time and I got to meet some more fans like myself, can't wait til 2010!

    Happy New Year-Well for the first time in 12 years, I didn't work on new years, but it worked out fine because I got to spend it with my family (including my brother, friends (including Stacey, LE & Kate) and drinkers (including Dave & Vinnie...ok, I drank a little too.).

    Iraq - That's right kids, it the tradition of Bob Hope, Jeff Ross and Drew Carey, I did my patriot/comedic duty and toured Iraq entering the incredible men and women who are stationed there. I got to tour with two other comedians, Scott Kennedy & Mark Sweeney. We went to different bases such as Ali Al Salem, Kirkuk & Balad, among others. We also hit some sites like The Rock and Heroes Highway...you'll notice the American flag on the roof of the tent, that's so when an injured soldier is brought there, when they look up the first thing they'll see is the flag. Warms the heart, don't it? When traveling I was always well protected, and not just from my helmet, but also from the bunkers and the gunners on our blackhawks (which had the most amazing views)...plus I protected my feet from getting rocks in them. When we weren't moving around, we relaxed by eating in the mess hall or hanging out in the coffee shop, or hanging out with a soldier who lost a bet of some kind. The shows we did were just as unpredictable as war: Sometimes we played in a big theater, other times it was outside on a big stage, then we'd do one in a cafeteria, or in a tent or maybe just on a patio without a sound system. It didn't matter because those audiences were some of the best and most appreciative crowds I've ever had the privilege to perform in front of. Of course, what kind of military trip would it be if I didn't get a chance to sit in a military chopper...didn't get to fly it though. But the crew was incredibly cool. And then I got to sit AND drive an armored vehicle. Again, the crew was awesome. Finally, after the tour of Iraq was over, we got to fly back to Kuwait in a C-130 cargo plane...AND I GOT TO FLY IT!! Much love to the crew who helped me throughout...and again, the view was amazing. The whole experience was amazing, support the troops and God bless the troops. Oh yeah, I took for my brother...see Darren, there are gators in Iraq.

    Just Hanging 2009- Here we see me and fellow comedians Don McMillan and Katsy Chappell posing after our week at Harrahs in Vegas. And look who else stopped by that week, it's Will & Debi Durst. - Hey there Jon Capanera & Don McEnery with me after we worked the Improv at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio California...holy shit, that was a run-on sentence! - Lookie here, it's Me & Jamie Kennedy at the Tempe Improv...and here's another, and yet another. And lookie here, it's a picture of me, Jamie and Jennifer Love Hewitt...and, by gum, it's a-freakin-nother! - You'll never know who you'll run into at LAX and I happen to run into Paul Williams, legendary song writer & star of one my favorite movies, The Phantom of the Paradise. SCORE! - Me & Ally acting gay and such after seeing Xanadu...that's right, we're Xana-Jews! - And here's me, Ally & "The Soup Nazi" himself, Larry Thomas

    Lily!!!!-Everyone, say hello to my first niece, Lily Harper Schultz. And here's another and one with her daddy. In case you can't tell, there are going to be A LOT of Lily pictures. Here are some new Lily pics! Lily sleeping, Lily awake, Ally & Lily, Uncle, Grandma & Lily, Grandpa & Lily and Uncle Flip & Lily somehow making a similar face.

    Orange You Glad You're At The OCF-Ally & I had a great time going to the Orange County Fair, especially since we got to see the Al's Brain exhibit...I was pretty excited. And I got to see Al...well, a sandy Al at any rate. Next we hit the ferris wheel, and this time it was Ally's turn to be excited, and I was just happy to ride it with her. OK, time to be cheesy. And finally, you have to end the day by watching a good old fashioned pie eating contest...ah, the fair.

    San Fran with my WoMan-Ally was super happy about being in the city by the bay. The view of the fog rolling in was really beautiful. We hit some sights like Haight & Ashbury. We also went to the wharf and saw the sea lions...smelled like poo. But Ally thought the crabs smelled worse. I was also working up there at the Throckmorton Theater where we saw an amazing show with...uh...what's his name again? Oh yeah, Robin Williams! It was so amazing! I got to chat with him, and even made him laugh! No shit! And then as a double bonus, all the comics got to meet comedy legend Mort Sahl. And after that picture, we all had to pose as a gay boy band. The only problem came when I wanted to play one of my favorite 1980's video games Moon Patrol, but Ally wanted to go...so I threatened to send her to alcatraz, but she pleaded, "Please don't send me there!" Just kidding, she let me play. :)

    Vegas With My Baby - I had a great trip to Vegas with my girlfriend Ally this year...and it was her first time in Sin City. So she was pretty excited on the drive over. We had a great room and, again, she was pretty excited. We went out and she saw some local scenery, then went to see my friend Terry Fator's show at the Mirage...I've got the hookup baby. After that we hung out with some friends like Tanyalee (always a fixture on my Vegas trips). The next night we had a fancy dinner...hell, I even got dressed up and Ally, well...she's just beautiful. Seriously, how cute is she??? Not to mention she does a mean Harpo Marx!


    Flip Gets Rowdy - After meeting "Weird Al", this has to be the coolest guy I've met..."Rowdy" Roddy (mother f**king) Piper!!

    Just Hanging 2010 - While working in Vegas, I got to meet one of the funniest comics ever, Bruce Baum. I used to watch him when I was younger and I'd laugh my ass off, check out his YouTube Page.

    More Lily - Seriously, is she not the most beautiful thing in the world??? - OK, here's Lily after I told her my new joke. Everyone's a critic. - Just one word...Awwww.... and Awwww....again

    Skippy Greene on "Last Comic Standing" - So as a lark I auditioned for LCS as Skippy Greene, the audition was fun and I knew going in that I wouldn't get passed. I was just hoping that Skippy could get a little TV time...well, they actually showed Skippy for almost a minute (pretty good for prime time network TV) and they didn't show Skippy as one of the "freaks" who auditioned. Here are some more screen grabs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. When asked if Skippy was upset that he didn't make it, he said, "I knew I wasn't right for the show, I mean, afterall, I'm funny."

    Who's The Master Debater? - Here I am with comedian Daryl Wright and Phil Varone on Phil's show "The Master Debater". I don't want to say that I was good at it, but put it this way, I went blind for a week. Also on the show was the man, the perv, the legend...Skippy Greene! One of the only times captured of Skippy & myself on the same show. Here's another screen shot Why don't you just watch for yourself: Episode airing on 5/4/10

    "Weird Al" Will Always Rock! - I stand with the mighty again, this time after Al's 2010 concert in Orlando...and he's holding a copy of my dvd Getting Them On The Chain. He's obviously confused as to what it is exactly. I saw the show with my brother who got incredibly (and awkwardly) close with Al. All in all it was an amazing time and an amazing show...per usual.


    Decent Proposal - That was a play on words; decent that is. The proposal part is real though. This is me and Allison after I did what Beyonce told me to do; put a ring on it. Let a new chapter of life (and my comedy) begin.

    Just Hanging 2011 - What a fun surprise. While working in Tahoe with Dat Phan (with his manager Cammie) & house MC Howie Nave, our buddy, Kyle Cease, happened come into town for his week a little early. What timing!

    Skippy Party's Like a Rock Star - Here is poetic irony...well not irony, maybe the word is...AWESOME! That is Skippy Greene with adult film star Shay Morgan and adult film LEGEND Ron Jeremy. This was taken at a big "Sex, Stand Up & Rock 'N' Roll show at the legendary Key Club in LA. Also there were Daryl Wright, Ascha Lamb & Shay (again), J. Chris Newburg & Daryl (again) and Craig Gass & Phil Varone. It was really a great time; felt like I was in the 1980's partying with Poison & Def Leppard...and porn stars.

    Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival - Ah, the snow fell quite heavily and laughter fell even heavily..er at the TCCAF. It was an amazing time, first of all I got to perform with my new best friend, Caroline Rhea. She was so funny and incredibly cool. I got to hang out with some awesome comics including Ted Alexandro, Joe Direse, Jeffery Ross, Jeff Garlin (one of the 2 organizers, and he invited me personally, thanks again!), Micheal Moore..., yes, Michael Moore. Micheal was the other organizer. It was truly amazing. I also can't forget Mark, my driver and all around great guy. This is a nice candid shot of Micheal Moore explaining how to be rich and successful to Aubrey Plaza and Jeffery Ross...Jeff cared more about me though. And here's Jeffery & Sarah after their show...which they let me go up on. :D And Sarah gazing at me, while Kyle smells her hair. Kyle...WAKE UP! But seriously, I can't thank everyone from Traverse City for the unbelievable time you showed us all! Hope to see you again soon.

    TMZ - So it's not a starring role on sitcom or movie, but its still pretty cool.


    Yosemite Trip - Top of the world ma! Well not really "the world", but it was pretty high. That's me standing over Yosemite National Park. Here's Allison in all her glory. I loved all the scenery in the park including an amazing sunset. We both loved every second of it...especially this one. It was a wonderful trip and a great way to spend time with someone special... (and no, there was no hanavirus there)


    The Living Room Variety Show - Talk about a "Hollywood Moment", there I am performing in someone's living room with comedianne, Sarah Sweet & actress extraordinaire, Illeana Douglas & veteran actor/TV star/all around great guy, Dan Lauria. This show, which was put together by Sarah & Illeana, was so much fun...so much, in fact, that we did it again, and this time Skylar Stone and even Andy Dick joined the show!